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Jay E. Macro, Esk is Landman's Red Cyan & amp; I entered the company. The Macro-LLP (formerly Landman-Acacacsian, LLP) was implemented in 2005 after 11 years of general training. In 1993, Akashi-an, a Landman of LLP, was established.

Established in 2005


Jay E. McClough is a manager at the Waterstar and Milford Offices of Landman Acacia. Our work consists of general activities that focus on industrial accidents, personal injuries, real estate, housework, social security, disability and crime prevention. Mr. McGraw has long experience as a lawyer.

Jay E. McClough is Landman Acachasian& amp; Management partner for. Macklow's Worcester (255 Park Avenue, Suite 1102, Worcester), Westborough (114 Turnpike Road), and Milford office McClough, a graduate of Boston University and New England Law School, is called the New England Law School. He was the executive director of New England Journal of Civil and Criminal Intraption. McGraw is authorized and licensed to enforce the law in Massachusetts and Rhode Island states.

His practice consists of general practice focusing on real estate, labor and ampere; #39; compensation, injury, domestic relations, social security and automobile accidents.

Attorney Macro-Koo has years of experience as a lawyer. He is holding trials and hearings in both courts and in the government.

Mr.Macklow is a member of the Mass. Attorneys Association, Property Bar As, and Worcester County Bar Association.

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12/28/2020 02:29pm