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Maier & at the law firm, we have all the collection lawyers and collector staff ready to serve the large community of Massachusetts. The focus of our collection activity is to combine the best function of the collection company with the collection corporation. The basic step in handling the claims is to open them when they are received and program them in a series of letters. One is a confirmation to the client, and the second is a request to the obligor. After the demand, one of the collectors calls the obligor within five days. Prior to the first call, investigate the debtor's legal status (legal entity, business owner, individual), the principal officer's corporate address, whether the legal entity is good or not. Check the UCC application to determine who the primary security creditor is. If the collector cannot reach an agreement with the obligor in any way within a few days, the next focus will be on the executable assets he/she is responsible for. Obviously, our customers are in a much better position in terms of the final collection if we can secure their debt through asset attachments to the extent permitted by law. If the obligor attaches the assets necessary to continue his/her business, this would be an incentive to prompt resolution.